Oct 6, 2009

How to Smooth Frizzy Locks Part II

You go to the hair cuttery across the street from my apartment because they advertise $5.00 hair cuts, then you let the nice Korean lady yell at you for 10 minutes about how if only you'd use the leave in cream rinse you'd have "good hair" while she snips an inch further than you asked just like you suspected, validating your suspicions that you should always say you'd like it longer than you'd actually like it. Then you buy the expensive salon leave in cream rinse that you'll likely use when trying to comb your kids hair after the pool and use on your own head should you remember and on a the rare occasion when you are leaving the apartment but not planning to wear a roller derby helmet. Then you smile and leave a tip.

1 comment:

Mike Lyons said...

$5 for a haircut? That's outrageous!