Oct 4, 2007

Tennis Balls or Peas?

The park district has installed these neat little play equipment vignettes at the mall we frequent. I’ve spent hours over the last few months contemplating who designed them and what Freud would say.

The first is this nifty oversized tennis racket next to a basket ball and a football and what seems to be a pile of peas.

To the left of it is painfully contorted, wild eyed and over zealous horse jumping a hay bale.

and lastly a cute little waterfall slide on the side of the slide are some red… um breasts?

It seems most kids like to climb the slide and play the red bits like bongos and it seems most parents try very hard not to look at them very long.


Jo said...

That lower one looks especially boob like, nipple and all. Wow, the kids in your state play with some interesting toys!

Stephen said...

I think they look like strawberries, that some "Safety Expert" decided needed to have a bump to keep kids from sitting on them. You know, like you see escalators with a slide-like center median, there are bumps every few feet to keep people from actually sliding down.

Or it was designed by a perv.
Word verification has the letters "kyj" in it.

Jenny said...

Well strawberries on the side of a waterfall would make as much sense as a pile of peas next to a tennis racket. So that's what I'm going with.