Oct 23, 2007

Golden Bonus Day

This morning after waking up to pancakes and coffee, (thanks honey) we stepped outside onto Main St. to walk the two blocks to school, my daughter told me today was a “golden bonus day.” From the looks of things I think she is right, today is indeed above and beyond my usual blessings. I think I will look at this point in my life and say "Now THAT! was a great time!" but I say that as often as I say "This is my favorite age!" about my daughter. So I'm not sure if I just find the good or if the good has found me, perhaps one follows the other.

Though I have lots of work to do today I will slip on Pandora Radio (Thanks KTJ Love this!) and like a modern Disney princess I will boogie while I work and the birds will land in the windowsills and jam out with me and the dog will help me put the toys in the toy box and I will be drawn with flawless skin and an unaturaly almost deformed tiny waist and huge bossom.

…Ok, seriously birds are landing on the windowsill this morning.


arizona said...

Jenny, great pictures of the beauty of Autumn in the Midwest, it's one of the few things I miss about living in the desert. In a couple of weeks I will drive 100 miles north to Sedona and go up Oak Creek Canyon to see the fall colors there. Very pretty especially with the contrast of the red rocks that Sedona is famous for. Happy Autumn to you and yours!!

Jo said...

Pretty pictures! A bonus golden day, wow!

ktj said...

I am totally addicted to Pandora...and loving it. Also I am considering Pandora accesories as Christmas gifts!