Oct 3, 2007

Nothing Teevo Worthy

I sat down and watched the last 10 minutes of “Cavemen” last night and the whole episode of “Carpoolers”. The first was utter idiocy; it was just the same old sitcom only with cavemen and lots of racism. The latter seemed like it had a good premise and was actually funny for the first 5 seconds and then there was some juvenile joke about loosing ones virginity. There are some funny writers out there, I read their blogs on a daily basis and none off them work at ABC. ABC just needs to fire their writers and hire some bloggers. Someone fresh that doesn’t write sitcoms, or “jokes” someone that doesn’t even watch sitcoms, these shows need to stop feeling like sitcoms, the sitcom is dead. People don’t have punch-lines in real life, but real life is plenty funny. This new season is really disappointing. For now I’ll just stick to cable and Thursday nights on NBC. Dang.

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Paula said...

Have you seen Big Bang Theory on Monday night? Or Sexy Dirty Money, Wednesday night at 10pm. These are my new favorites for this season. Otherwise I pretty much agree not alot of good new shows out there.