Oct 9, 2007

Monster Mash

Well the search for the perfect Halloween costume has begun and here are the contestants that didn’t make the cut:

Conspiracy Theorists: Aluminum foil hats, surgical masks, flannel shirts and other survival gear.

Tom-kat: Suit sunglasses and giant smile, couch cushion to jump on, mod dress and robotic smile with several “Help me!” notes to pass to people when Tom isn’t looking.

French Kiss Army: Black and white striped shirts and berets with KISS makeup on.

Sam Adams and St. Pauli Girl: Elaborate expensive costumes and wigs involved here.

We need something that we’ll be comfortable in while sitting on a log next to a bonfire or inside sitting on a couch. Something that isn’t too elaborate or flammable or itchy and easy to slip on and something that we can feel comfortable wearing into the grocery store while we stop and pick up a six pack.

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