Oct 22, 2007

Own SprintNextel Corp (S) - Sell it!

Phone update: we got it all figured out (in the store) but I suggest if you own stock in SprintNextel Corp. (S) sell it. Their customer service is the worst. No wonder in 2005 their stock was down 4.8 and in 2006 a whopping 10.4 and this year to date they are down 5.8. Yikes! I see why. Sprint execs feel free to e-mail me if you want some valuable feed back at Bombadee(at)verizon(dot)net.

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1 comment:

cameo said...

sprint is a kansas city company.
i'm all for supporting the home team - but we don't have them for service - we went at&t.
chris is big on consumer reports, and they failed miserably in their eyes.
you do know the ceo just resigned - they're in the process of looking for a new guy.
yup the company is a big ol' mess.
always some big broo-ha-ha going on out there.