May 7, 2009

MW/SBO/BAHC (Migrant Worker/ Small Business Owner/Broke Ass Hungry Chick) The Saga

I sat down this morning with Pam over at the Illinois Small Business Development Center and she was absolutely awesome and helpful in every way and best of all FREE! So if you need business advice (Mike) make and appointment and go talk to her. So anyway, she helped me refine my plan of world domination and sent me back to the drawing board and now I am more excited than ever to get this shindig started. I think I'll still be building the Laser of Debilitating Fun but it's going to be in a different format and more powerful and hey the only thing better than more powerful lasers is being able to strap them on the heads of sharks. So yay me.

What else, Dan has two different interviews with two companies in Houston now, apparently it's a very successful and needy city. There's also an interview tomorrow in Madison for a company in Eau Claire (about four hours from here.) I'm told the yearly high in Eau Clair is 88* so the snow pants will have to stay and in fact should we move there I may invest in a variety of lovely snow pants (bleah.)

Today just for good measure, I'm sorting through old clothes and tossing anything that needs sewn and giving away gobs of stuff (Heather have a few tubs for you) and then I'll sell some on e-bay 'cause extra money sounds good right about now. We are also tossing all sorts of odds and ends and unfinished broken projects, lamps we planned to fix and toys that need to be glued. The good news is even if we don't go anywhere we'll be lighter for it.

We tried to do the right thing and called Chrysler yesterday to see if we could get a deferment for 90 days on the car payments and they laughed at us and called the pitbulls to the edge of the fence to chase us away. Today the lackeys are calling the house for their money and we are waving our butts in their general direction until next Tuesday at the earliest when Dan flies down to Texas and we know more about how long we need to make what we have last. In other broke ass news, we went to Aldi's yesterday and bought three bags of processed carbs and some grapes so we're not starving yet.

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