May 25, 2009

Book Ends

It will rain today just like it always does and then clear up in time for the parade. Today is the last annual memorial/margarita day parade at the casa de Bombadee. I am trying to commit to memory every moment of today. At 8:30 this morning the neighbors lined their chairs and blankets up in front of their houses and claimed thier viewing spaces. This is the first year Ella can remember not being in it. It's my 16th year sitting on this front porch on this day and Dan's 20th.

Thanks' George for putting this parade together year after year. When I speak of tiny town this will be one of the things I tell.


Chrissy said...

what a nice memory. i hope you make just as many nice ones in houston!

Jenny said...

I'm sure I will and I just remembered YOU are in Texas! Yay! It can't be all bad if you AND twisty are there.