May 15, 2009

Lone Star

Dan arrived in Houston on Tuesday and had a great interview with a company that he didn't like and on Wednesday had a great interview with a company he loved. The company he loves has a cowboy that runs it and the cowboy says things like "We don't work Saturdays, Saturdays are for your family" he also said things like "I'll pay you more than you made before plus some to move" and "We'll pick up 100% of your family's insurance." Today I am sorting through junk drawers trying to figure out which light bulbs I should pack and exactly how many bottle openers we need. On Saturday at 1:00 friends and family are coming over to claim armloads of books we are not taking. The following two weeks I'll be fitting everything I love and can take with me into a twenty six foot space. At the end of this month Dan will drive the minivan filled with essentials to the South East end of Houston and start spending his days working with the cowboy. I'll stay in the house with Ella and finish packing and cleaning until somewhere around the 12th at which time Dan will fly back up and we'll load everything into a truck and hug our families before we drive towards the ocean. What's left behind will get auctioned in our absence including the house. I don't want to be here to see my piano go for a dollar I just need the auction house to send me a check for new furniture next to the ocean. I've read this area is the number three place in the world to raise your family, the number two place in the job market, everyone is polite, the school systems are wonderful and there is roller derby. I also heard one must carve the air out with a knife and chew it to breath. What I know is they want us to come, I love the ocean, and when I get home sick for the leaves and fall air in October I can catch a train from New Orleans to Chicago for $108.00.

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