May 3, 2009

Job Update

Hey kids, the good new is Dan will be setting up an interview on Monday with a very reputable company doing what he does right now. The bad news, it's in Houston Texas. They're calling him Monday to arrange a day flight down. Not that Houston is bad news, there's all sort of lovely things there - the ocean for one, liberals, art, a space program, Spinster Aunts, a university, roller derby, and the internet (so hey, we'll still talk.) And of course the troubles are as I've said before selling this crazy house and leaving 36 years of friends and history and of course family here. Although our parents have collectively encouraged us to spread our wings as long as we fly home twice a year.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with that Jenny. You are absolutely right to be positive about it.

I totally understand where you are coming from in relation to the house. I have always thought it was a fabulous house. Hard to let it go. Of course it is tough to leave family and friends as well.

But ultimately having the three of you together is the most important thing. Take care, Olivia

arizona said...

Jenny, as you know I live in Arizona, but all of my family are still in Northern Illinois. I do miss friends and family back there, but the friends I've made out here and the life experiences I've had make up for those I left behind. Always look for the positives in any situation and life will give you many new and good friends and experiences. A house is just that, a house, but your family is home no matter where you are.

Mike Lyons said...

I'm still hoping for the world-wide domination thing.

Jenny said...

Me too Mike.