Nov 6, 2007


3:00pm update

She's pukey, dehydrated and hasn't moved in three days accept when I carry her down the back stairs to the yard and when I took her to the vet. We're waiting on blood work. So far the possibilities are: She ate something dead in the back yard and got a little 'food poisoning' or she is old and has cancer or something. I should know more tomorrow. Right now I am cooking up some chicken and rice for her while she sleeps. sigh.


Jo said...

I am so sorry to hear your doggy isn't well. Hoping she has just a touch of food poisoning and is soon back on her paws.

Chrissy said...

There is something going around lately with sick pets! I'll be thinking of your pup and hoping for the best.

Jenny said...

Thank you and it yes, it makes me want to check her dog food out. Dog Chow for senior dogs.