Nov 15, 2007


Ella's preschool class made crafts for Thanksgiving next week. Today, when I came to get her she told me her "Indian name" is Alice the Princess and she could wear her headband on Tuesday at the feast. I feel like this maybe the opportunity to talk about some history here but she's three and I'm not sure what to say. Perhaps we'll talk about how Native Amrican's saved the Europeans from starving and freezing to death when they came to North America and now we celebrate that by collecting food for the needy and having a feast. Maybe we'll talk about celebrating the harvest season. Maybe we'll get some books about Native Amercan culture. Maybe we'll say what we're thankful for. Maybe we'll just go to school and eat sliced deli turkey and cheese squares while wearing headbands with feathers in them... sigh.

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arizona said...

Jenny, teach Ella about the Native American culture and how they only took from Mother Earth what they needed and nothing more. Unlike the white man who takes more from Mother Earth than he will ever need and does not give back. How he pollutes her rivers and the sky, and hunts her animals to near extinction. Don't get me started, I embrace the Native American culture, and their spirituality. They did it right, and we have done it all wrong. Mother Earth feeds her children, but she needs rest and replenishment. The Great Spirit is sad at the way Mother Earth has been exploited.