Aug 1, 2017

Back to the Future

I joined a grocery delivery service.  I've never been happier about grocery shopping in my life.  I got just the things I needed for the stuff I am going to cook. I didn't order potato chips because I didn't have to walk past end caps with giant family sized bags screaming out to me to bring them home. No children asked me for any candy bars or toys or cookies.  I leisurely filled my digital cart all morning while thinking about what we needed, occasionally searching through the refrigerator and asking the kids what they wanted, while in my pajamas. I tried these little organic artisan purple carrots - holy hell I'd forgotten what a carrot is supposed to taste like. Get yourself a little organic purple carrot.

Other services and things I wish they'd bring back to the future:
A full service gas station in the dead of winter please.  
A phone I can hold with my shoulder while doing other things.
Free un-wired broadcast TV, I'm sick of cable.
Handwritten correspondence.
Dance halls.
Stylish shaped cars.

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