Feb 18, 2013

Do People Count as Items?

Name 5 items you’d demand to have everywhere you went if you were famous enough to do so.

1. Super fast wifi, because I love me some internets and even now, everywhere I go, I'm all "Does the internet work here.... in the waiting room of the doctor's office/parking lot of the grocery/school gym during rec night?"

 2. Kid safe kick butt play area for my kiddos because of course I would bring my children with me and of course they'll need a cool place to play.

 3. A Mary Poppins type person to hang with the kids while I go do whatever it is I'm famously doing so that my mind can be totally focused on famous-ing.

 4. Organic fresh snacks and beverages for everyone in the entourage, including a decent coffee.

 5.  A masseuse, because.

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