Feb 19, 2013


When asked what character from a work of fiction I would like to be, I immediately opened my Good Reads account to review what I've read over the last few years.  Apparently I love sad epic dramas, because all the ladies in these books live hard and rough lives and some of them die at the end.  Then it occurred to me I could pick a man, and I went back again thinking about what the men in these books are and again I say nope, too dramatic, too self absorbed, too TOO.  It's all too much life to live on top of the life I'm actually living, so I thought about the books I've read my babies.  Olivia is a pig so that's out.  The Seven Silly Eaters have SEVEN children... nuff said.  Going on a Bear Hunt sounds tiring.  The Little Prince is lonely.  Suess - too trippy.  Though I love Alice in Wonderland, it's just too creepy. The Princess Bride is agonizingly frustrating.  A Series of Unfortunate Events is too unfortunate.  Charlie and Chocolate Factory was a possibility and the I remembered a classic adventure story with a swashbuckling girl, pirates, mermaids, fairies, flying, and a very happy ending.  That's for me. I'll be Wendy Darling in Peter Pan and Wendy.

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Melanie said...

Excellent choice. "Second star to the right and straight on til morning!"