Jun 12, 2010


I'm sitting in the dining room enjoying a coffee and watching the trees rustle around in the wind. The forest surrounds our apartment complex and it drowns out whatever city noises could waft in. It also has critters in it. So far I've seen more June Bugs in the parking lot than I've seen in my life, I've started "Lizard watch 2010" and am up to 7. The other night, a big brown Cockroach ran in the door and down the hallway with the dog chasing it towards me. It was so big, my first instinct was to scream "MOUSE!" This is what you get when you have trees and un-manicured wildness around you. I like it.

The last place had wood chips around every palm tree and rose bushes that were carefully monitored for productivity. When any plant failed to look it's best the daily gardeners would replace it with something more fruitful. The truck came through spraying great clouds of pesticides every few nights and the exterminator did around each building every week. It was pristine, like a hotel. It never felt like home to me. I need a little dirt and a name carved into the sidewalk, a glob of yellow bubble gum to avoid stepping on, tree roots sicking out of the dirt and interesting bugs that sound like maracas in the rustling leaves. I need a little wild around the edges.

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