Jun 10, 2010

Is it Thursday?

I have a head cold. I was hoping I wouldn't get it after it took Dan down for three nights last week, but alas it's seized my face and crawled inside and when Dan gets home tonight, I'm going to lay down and just wish for time to pass quickly. On the bright side, the new apartments are making my life sooo much easier, the kid is out there in the court yard playing with all the neighbor kids. Occasionally she runs in to use the facilities or cool down, I handed out a few popsicles once and the sidewalk chalk made an appearance but otherwise my involvement in today's play schedule has thankfully been cut. Thus freeing me up to work on getting my hardware all hooked up and blog while glancing out the window occasionally and wondering what they're talking about.

In other news, I went to the doc yesterday and she said I am not close to delivery yet, but this boy is about 6lbs and head down. She suspects he'll be about 8lbs when he's finally ready to make his debut. Besides the head cold, everything is normal and good. Mom is still planning to come down when I deliver to help out with Ella and let me get my bearings, thank God.

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