Mar 5, 2010

Sick Day

I got to sleep straight through until 11:00 this morning. It was glorious. Ella is home sick and we lounged. When I got up she had taken a small sharpie and drawn monkeys on her leg. She tried to hide it because she thought I would be mad. I wasn't, they're wonderful monkeys. Instead I made her hash browns which was a giant mess. I got a plate and the grater out and washed two potatoes. The first potato was smaller for Ella and I set to work grating when I was almost finished I shifted my leverage catching the side of the plate and flipping the entire thing into the air sending grated potato onto every surface of the kitchen, my hair and the dog while I stood there in fixed disbelief. Then I couldn't stop giggling. I spent the next 15 minutes picking tiny potato bits from everywhere and starting over with the next potato. The hash browns were very yummy. After seeing the monkeys she drew and eating the hash browns I mentioned to Ella doing some belly art. I'd wanted some after looking at all these henna bellies and she got very excited about it. It's what we did with our afternoon. She did such a magnificent job and it was so relaxing, I'm positive I'll ask her to do it again.


Jaime said...

Too cute of an idea:) I'm sure she was occupied for quite some time! Did you get her hair cut short? Felicia says she can't wait to see you guys sometime soon!!

Jenny said...

An HOUR! Yes, we took a trip to the fancy salon for the hair cut, I'll tell you all about it when I see you :)