Mar 28, 2010

Comicpalooza Houston 2010

Yesterday we attended Comicpalooza 2010 in Houston. It's the third year for the convention and it was at brown Convention Center which I was very impressed with. the convention was small, with a 10,000 square foot dealer area, a nice little art show and several side rooms and theatre's filled with games, horror movie production workshops, and comic book how toos. The big celebrity of the day was Bruce Campbell who's Q&A session we attended, he's a very funny guy and according to the pal that went with us, a snappy dresser.

We saw the usual fan-boys in costume, ghost busters, belly dancers, actors that played Wookies (yay!), steam punk enthusiasts and goth chicks with hello kitty backpacks. I did see a few new things. Houston Roller Derby had a booth and the skatey ladies said we made lots of new friends at the convention. I saw one booth called Curious Specimens who sold skeletal fairy specimens in jars. If I still had a library, I'd want one to put it in.

We were also lucky enough to attend a sample of the Intergalactic Nemesis Live Action Graphic Novel Show in which the comic book is projected into the movie screen while the actors do the voices, folio and music right in front of the screen, old timey radio program style. It was super fun to watch the actors do multiple voices as well as the genius of the foley artist and his box of Macaroni and Cheese. The story was interesting with it's 1930s sci-fi flare and I understand they plan to bring the show in full to Houston next year and it's likely we'll attend. I bought a toy for baby boy, the first I've attained. It's a yellow amoeba. Ella and I thought it looked fun for a baby to chew on.

Lastly the convention hired some musicians and set them up in an adjacent ballroom. All afternoon we heard a DJ spinning techno thumping through the wall enticing the kid to go in and sample the dancey goodness. There was a lone rave kid in there dressed in steam punk gear, goggles and all spinning LED bulbs all afternoon too, which just egged on the kid. After ten minutes of watching him she could stand it no longer and had to dance. She jumped up and let loose with limbs flyin' and feet moving. She could've danced all day and I spent a good few hours in there sitting in a chair on the side trying to let her. Later there was a jungle band called Dead P.A. dressed in a Star Wars Cantina style complete with blue and red alien go-go dancers. We were pretty sure that drummer was a robot, after witnessing the speed with with he played. In addition to the alien chicks shaking their 6 boobs, the band continued to move the lone steam punk LED spinner, a few old school break dancers and the kid who lost herself completely in the pounding tunes.

So, you know I couldn't watch the kid rave on like a whirling dervish without video...

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