Feb 7, 2010

Have you seen this man?

This guy bothers me. I've clicked on the ad two or three times to get a better/bigger picture of him and still can't recall what the ad is for, nor have I seen a bigger picture. It's not natural. Are those his bottom teeth or his top teeth in that weirdly white grin? Is one nostril really bigger than the other? Is it a person or is it a manikin or wax figure of some type?

Yeah, I know the world is falling to pieces out there with unemployment, earthquakes, health insurance, snow storms and Sarah Palin making a run for it but still the weird ad-click dude looms. Really, somebody explain, please.


Jenny said...

The first ad to appear on my blog and I'm not even getting paid for it.

Waaaay effective Ms. Ad Designer.

Anonymous said...

Hey stranger!! I have a mouse with a tool that allows you to blow the images up, and its a animation of a man. The teeth are there making a scary smile. Non-human freaky man LOL. Cheers

Mike Lyons said...

That IS one of the freakiest things I've ever seen. Well, you know, there's also this one girl that likes me WAY too much... never mind.