Feb 11, 2010


I missed a decade of music. For the last ten years every time I turned the radio on I just bristled and changed the channel to NPR. When we got Sirus in the car I programmed in the 90s station, a few jazz stations, CNN, MSNBC, NPR and a station called Garage wich plays everything from Elvis to Elvis Costello and all the stuff in between (I think it's supposed to be for fellas who are working on their muscles car in the garage.) On Pandora I have a Beastie Boys station, a Wolfgang station for classical, a Duran Duran station and a Gotan Project station who is perhaps the hippest thing I have on there. Unavoidably last week my kid got a glimpse of Lady Gaga with her ear and demanded she hear more. I made a Pandora station for her.

Unexpectedly, it plays all women. Eurythmics, Blondie, Lady Gaga, Aly & AJ, Kate Perry, Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse and I have to admit I don't object. I did nix the Pussy cat Dolls from her station just cause they have some lyrics I'd rather not hear my daughter sing, but really it's a good dancey station. I'm sure listening to my kid's music and booty dancing around the house while vacuuming makes me even less hip than ever. Don't worry, I'll switch it back to the old fogey music when she gets home from school lest I kill it's coolness.

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