Aug 1, 2007

Why Verizon Yahoo Should Get Screwed

You may or may not have noticed a new link in my blog roll over there on the right. It’s BBC news, one of the few news organizations to have any pride in actual news. Amazingly enough when I visit BBC and click on the little America icon on the left, not only am I reminded there is another America to the south of us and things happen there too, but I don’t get treated to such blaring headlines as:

“'GMA' Host Robin Roberts has breast cancer”

“What’s you man’s fighting style?”

“Star Jones admits to gastric bypass”

“Chief Justice Roberts leaves hospital”

Second page "Thousands line up for “Idol” auditions”

Third page “Plus-sized girl’s band takes cue from ‘Idol’”

One must actually click all the way over to the fourth page before finding “Taliban: 2nd Korean hostage killed”


Chrissy said...

thanks for reminding me to read the news! i get so caught up in feminist blogs that i forget other things are going on, too.

TaterTot said...

You know where I stand on this blog posts title...EVERYONE should get screwed now and again!