Aug 2, 2007

Mystery - solved

I made a breakfast of waffles with strawberries, whipped cream and sprinkles on top. I found it well received by La, her imaginary brother Arthur, and their friend Beddermish who is very tiny. Arthur goes almost everywhere with La and if he’s not with her she knows exactly where he is, sometimes he’s at school and sometimes he’s visiting his Grandma. These are places La wishes she could go. Beddermish is new; he’s just visiting for breakfast this morning. La said Beddermish is left over from one of her dreams last night.

10:42 update: Dan called, "Betameche" is the character Jimmy Fallon plays in the movie Arthur and the Invisibles.

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Jo said...

Waffles, strawberries, whipped cream and imaginary friends? Does life get any better than that?
The Princess had imaginary friends. The mom-Pely, the boy, John and the father, Kiki.