Aug 20, 2007


Saturday, we went to the Renaissance Fair with friends and yes, you can check out the website from 1599. But before you click the link, here is the bell on a yarn necklace that the Contessa gave my little buddy Dancing-Boy. He promptly stuck it in his ear and made a midieval i-pod.


Last week Ella very suddely came down with spots all over her body, they were even on the bottoms of her feet. She said she felt fine but they were everywhere, I had never seen anything like it before. They weren't at all like chicken pox, they were every color of the rainow and she wasn't even itchy. After a long bath they went away. I guess we'll never know, perhaps she was allergic to imaginary lions.


arizona said...

I have heard,(although I'm not really sure of the validity of the claim), that these multi colored spots sometimes appear when Mommies get back home fron a skate weekend in Las Vegas :-) Thankfully these spots are not contagious!

Jessi Louise said...

A medieval ipod...where all you have to do is shake your head around or jump up and down to hear music! Great!