Nov 23, 2016

Rainy Day Puppy

It's cold and I have a cold and this new puppy we have likes to be walked a bazillion times a day. When she's all worn out, she's very well behaved, just like children. Today I've spent a truck load of time working with her on her nippy behavior.  Mostly it's going well.  On the advice from my vet I bout Dr. Sophia Yin's book "Perfect Puppy in Seven Days" and it makes me sad for all the other dogs I've know in my life that could've been better dogs had I read this book sooner.  This book is amazing and they should give a copy of it away with every puppy that changes hands ever.


My toes are cold.


I'd like to pick up some gold leaf to put into some of my paintings in the next wave of things I make. I just want to.


There's never enough time in any day accept the rainy ones, these days last forever.

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