Feb 7, 2012

Where I'm from

Forbes Magazine: Rockford is the 9th Most Miserable Place to Live

Rockford in the Top 20 Most Dangerous Cities

Rockford 15th Highest Jobless Rate in the Nation

Rockford Register Star Responds: More Than a Set of Statistics

Our City Our Story - Rockford, IL

When I was fifteen, I went to the hospital for my appendix, upon release the next morning I discovered someone had stolen my boots.


arizona said...

I moved to Arizona from Rockford 9 years ago. I could see the writing on the wall even back then, Rockford did not have much to offer anymore. Most of my family still live in Rockford, and I have been trying to get them to move away, anywhere but Rockford, or Illinois for that matter. Not much to be proud of in either the state or the city. Are'nt you glad you moved away to a better place to live? I for one am.

Jenny said...

I am happy to be in Houston. Once you get out you realize how bad it is. I guess it's sort of like an abusive relationship, you love it and fervently defend the shitty situation until you leave and then you are like "Whew! Glad I got out alive!"

You're right, I miss my friends and family though and wish they'd all move here and see how wonderful the rest of the world is.