Feb 8, 2012

Are You in an Abusive Place?

We know that people stay for a lot of reasons—for financial reasons, out of love, because they feel pity, because they’re too afraid to leave, because they can’t afford to leave, because they have children, and so on.

Have you heard yourself say any of the following phrases?

  • "It's not Rockford's fault."
  • "Rockford is trying to be better."
  • "There were some bad choices in the past and we're working on it."
  • "It's a good city in it's own way, really."
  • "Stop criticizing and and ease up, Rockford is trying hard."
  • "It's not that bad, at least we aren't Detroit."
  • "Rockford is actually really creative and misunderstood."
  • "I don't know what I'd do if I moved."
  • "It's better for the kids to stay."
  • "You don't understand the way it is."
  • "Being in Rockford is tough, but a few times a year it's wonderful."
  • "It's hard to get Rockford to see that anything is wrong."
  • "I'm strong enough to weather the tough times, I belong here with family." 
  • "It's up to me to make it work."
  • "It's my fault, I just need to try harder."
  • "It's just a small problem with drugs and alcohol."
  • "It's not really that violent."
  • "It's fine if you just stay away from Rockford's bad side."
  • "You should've seen Rockford back in the day."

(Yes, I know I still choose to visit a few times a year.  Rockford, it it weren't for the people I love still there, you'd be history!)

Where I'm from.


In all seriousness if you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship there is help.


Zombie Logic said...

Rockford will beat you up like Ike Turner.

Jenny said...

Rockford will apologize later and call you baby.

arizona said...

Rockford has always been long on excuses and short on solutions.

Jenny said...

It's Rockford's forefather's fault, growing up there were lots of excuses and no solutions.