Nov 10, 2011

The Prefect Car Seat

I'm going to buy a new car seat today.  A front facing one so Jack can sit up high on longer drives and see the world.  I went and looked yesterday for one that reclines so when he falls asleep his little head isn't lolling about with every bump and the one I liked was the most expensive one in the store - damn.  So today I'm going over to Once Upon a Child to see if they have that model or one similar, for less.  It needs to be side impact tested, have a five point harness, and recline slightly.  It would be awesome if it also had a cup holder and easy clips so getting Jack in and out isn't always a yoga experiment.  While I'm at it, it'd be stellar if the thing could;
-have a heated and cooled seat depending
-clean itself of crumbled gold fish and raisins
-be antibacterial
-have a vibrate to sleep setting
-only use up the space of one seat
-fold into something portable on wheels so I could take it to the airport
-have quiet little speakers on each side so Jack can listen to Justin Roberts while I listen to NPR
-be less than $100.00

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