Nov 30, 2011

Another Cherry Vale Mall Response

Jenny - I am not clear what your intended use is. Many uses can be acceptable if cleared thru the mall management office. Feel free to contact me as the need arises.

 Mark Peterson
 General Manager
 CherryVale Mall
 815-332-2451 x.228


Mark, I was at the mall on Thursday, November 25th with my mother, a friend, and my two small children. I was using my iphone to record people singing an impromptu version of "This Land is Your Land" when mall security approached me and said policy was "No filming" and I must stop or leave. It was confusing because several other people were recording this event, but I was the only one with several shopping bags, strollers, coffee, phone, and children in hand. The rest of the people recording were men with nothing in hand but a camera. The video of the incident is here    I was unable to find any mention of this strict policy on your website in the Cherry Vale Code of Conduct, so I was looking for a clarification of your use of cameras.

Awaiting your reply,
Houston, Texas


Jenny - mall security is correct in speaking to you regarding filming as prior authorization thru the mall management office would need to have been granted.

Thank you for shopping CherryVale.


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