Sep 23, 2011

Getting Her Bearings

Last night was school skate night.  The skate rink is as close to a grade school disco as it gets.  Watching one little gangly girl clip clop across the floor with her arms doing a wild and jerky air-swim was as comical as watching another's dance moves in which she leaned way down low, bending at the waist doing a circle motion with her arms in perfect rolling down the river precision. This is where the lip gloss and fingerless gloves cease to be dress up items and become a totally serious part of one's style.  It's where sitting on a wall becomes an art form in cool, not something Humpty Dumpty did and parents are the most un-hip people in the room.  It's where toddlers strive to become feral children under the benches where the carpet glows bright and Cheetos are hitting the floor.  For two glorious hours the world spins in screams of joy and shared nachos.

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