Aug 22, 2010

3:12 Update

It's late onset Group B Strep. We'll be here for at least ten more days getting antibiotics. We caught it early and dodged a bullet. I was tested for it during my pregnancy but must've got it after they tested, I passed it to Jack and it sat around in his body for 30 days building up an army. Penicillin would kick it's ass but Jack is going to get some good stuff just to make sure. We are limiting new germs so Ella will get to wear a mask when she comes up. We are hoping for a very boring ten days.


Elizabeth - Table for Five said...

Hi Jenny,

I don't know if you remember me, I found an archived copy of my blog when it was on blogspot and your URL was in the blogroll I had back then (2006). I'm linking to everyone who is still blogging, so I stopped by to get your URL, and saw you have a new baby (!), but then saw he has strep :( I hope he feels better really soon, poor little guy. And if you are interested, I hope you'll stop by Table for Five when all this is over and you are back to blogging.

Elizabeth - Table for Five said...

Stop by and see this when you get a chance!