Apr 6, 2010

Itawamba Agricultural High School's Parents Blow it Big Time

Itawamba Agricultural High School in Fulton, Mississippi has parents of seniors who just blew it big time, teaching their kids it's ok to be a bigot by holding a secret prom.

I realize the tough decisions that need to be made as a parent when organizing a party and inviting kids from school. Do you invite just boys? Just Girls? The whole class? Does a party of 20 kids even fit where you are planning it? Can your pocket book stretch that far? Eventually, even I threw my hands up and said, the kid can invite six friends and they will just have to not mention to the other 14 that they got an invite. Then there was a long hard talk about not gloating and why we couldn't invite everyone and how to handle any possible hurt feelings. We even practiced what to say. This we did in Kindergarten. Kindergarten! And I tried my hardest to make is easy and fair for my daughter as well as the kids in her class. But can you imagine if we'd invited 17 of the 20 leaving three out because of the way they were born? How about if it were a few hundred kids but not the seven who were either mentally challenged or homosexual?

Wow Itawamba parents, just wow! Nothing like teaching your young adults sanctioned public bigotry at one of the most impressionable times in their lives. Way to clear an ethical path to joining the KKK. Go Indians!


Update: from Feministing.com "Well, we're not all so bad. My name is Izzy Pellegrine and I'm a founding member of the Mississippi Safe Schools Coalition, a group that has been working for two years to promote LGBT student rights in MS. MSSC has been working with Constance for months to help organize her fellow students and educate members of her community. We're hosting our annual Second Chance Prom in her city and opening it up to all young people in the state. (And this is no seven person event!!) Check us out at www.mssafeschools.org"


Jenny said...

Same school suspended a boy for wearing feminine clothing twice thsi year. Whole story here:


Someone needs to stop this.

Jenny said...

Also read this: