Apr 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day, Nature Ran Into My Bedroom

Last Saturday as I walked out the door, with 40 things balanced in my arms and my keys in my hand, a very small lizard ran through the door, around the corner into my bedroom. Our mattresses just sits on the floor eliminating any room for monsters underneath. The lizard went between the bed and the wall. I made Dan promise to move everything and chase it back out of the house. Later, he said he couldn't find it.


arizona said...

Whoa Jenny, I've heard lots of horror stories about those Texas lizards! :-)

DD Hunter said...

leave him. He will eat any bugs that get into the appartment

Liz said...

Don't worry about the lizards... they won't eat you nor will pit bulls I found out today that Houston at some shelters put down dogs within 3 days because they are pit bulls. And if they have owners it doesn't matter they get killed and if not claimed even puppies can't be adopted out cause they are 'vicious beasts'. :( one of my fave breeds and I'm lucky to have a friend staying with me and their pit Rosa.