Jan 3, 2010

2010 Update

We've completely lost track of time here at casa de Bombadee, lolling about in pajamas and refusing to put on a bra unless we (ok, me) need to make a run to the local taco shack. School starts up again at some point and when I take the time to lift my eyes towards the calendar on the fridge I will then know which day I'll need to sit down and comb the dread locks out of my kid's hair. I think this is a wonderful way to begin a new year.


Since we've moved here, Com-ed has refused to believe my husband no longer is the elected official to call when the snow takes the power out in tiny town (that we no longer live in.) I think it's because of all the people in the world who unwork.

Un*work"\, v. t. [1st pref. un- + work.] 1. To undo or destroy, as work previously done 2. To pretend you are doing a job and accept pay for it but spend all possible energy on finding ways to do nothing or a job so half assed it must be redone.


Television between Christmas and New Years stinks.

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