Jul 17, 2017

Post number Seven - List of Things

List of things:
- I hurt my knee in Feb walking the puppy.  It's still hurts I think I need an MRI.
- I'm excited to have some projects planned for fall art scene.
- I'm taking the kids to Lake Michigan tomorrow so we can play in the waves and check out the camping.
- The kid is going to probably get her black belt this winter and that makes me super proud of her. I wish I was half as cool as she is.
- I like taking baths but more often opt for the quicker shower and that sorta bums me out.
- I brought some white sheets and I love when they're fresh out of the wash and smell like bleach.
- I also bought some Borax for some sciency things we were doing and the smell of it reminds me of Atwood camp, in the 5th grade.  They must've washed all the things in Borax.
- The pup feels mostly better after getting her spayed.  She got to take the cone off and she's eating better with the cone off.
- I made potato salad with lemon and mint and it's all I want to eat now.

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