Aug 2, 2016


When school starts I'm going to schedule three days of nothing.  I'm sure those days will quickly fill with leftover school supplies that are needed and a hundred hours of cleaning summer out of the cracks of the couch and finding moldy swim trunks from behind doors.  I will most certainly not have all the electronics that can possibly make noise tuned into to various cartoons and shouty commercial programming.


These last two weeks we're trying to fit ALL THE THINGS in.  We'll have three concerts including two performances by the kid and one where we just get wear earplugs and scream and cheer at Weird Al. We have a ghost tour, a solo art show, a camping trip, a Pow Wow, a Pokemon walking tour, school supply shopping, two doctors appointments and a dental appointment, three birthday parties and at the very least one sleep over and we still haven't used the free water park or Six Flags passes.  Did you get tired just reading all that?


I gave in and turned the AC on tonight.  It's not super hot it's just humid, it's hard to move through the air, it feels like there are velvety curtains to push through all the time, everywhere you go. At night the sheet feel like they came out of the dryer 15 minutes too early and I'm perpetually flipping the pillow to the cool side.


Here's a photo I like.

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