Jun 21, 2016

Things that seem important enough to record

When I'm trying to lift myself up, I find it useful to do things I think I'm good at. I usually skate (if the weather is good) and I paint and then I clean house and usually by that time I'm feeling pretty cheery.

Twelve Other Things I'm good at:
-Cake decorating
-Finding cool and valuable things at the resale shop
-Reading out loud
-Making lists about myself
-Taking snap shots
-Singing pop music in a silly way in the car
-Stacking things into a tight space (closet, trunk, grocery bag, Tetris)
-Playing Atari's Break Out
-Remembering colors


I almost never talk about the kids anymore on the blog.  I'm trying to give them some privacy and not treat them as an extension of myself so much.  They aren't here for me to necessarily blog about, it's not my place to tell their stores... in fact my one child has her own blog and barely writes anything about herself, indicating some stories she just wants to keep to herself.  When they were young - this was a little bit of a baby book for me and them and the public (weird right?!)  but they're getting big and they often ask me NOT to put things on the internet and so.


I can talk about Thomas though.  I haven't figured out what is appropriate to say yet.  I guess first of all he has several blogs that should you want to know about him, you could read yourself.  How he fits into the family unit still feels pretty private as it's utterly possible my previous husband and maybe his new partner could read the blog... or maybe not... I really don't know.  I try not to talk about how great life is and how happy I am in a way that would make my ex feel bad about it and so there's that. Lastly sometimes it feels like bad luck to talk about how utterly happy you are when you are.  That all said, he mentions my name when blogging and so I feel like it's important to write his here.  Thomas.

My partner Thomas and I went to New Orleans at the beginning of the summer while the kids visited their dad.  It was odd to be able to walk out the door together without going through when we'd be home, where we were going, and how to reach us 'just in case'.  It was odd for me and Thomas to go on a date like regular single people would. It was fun and freeing and after a few days we started talking about the kids and the silly little things they ask for and do in a day.  We missed them. We still did our best to do all the things we wanted to do in a strange city and I think next time the kids go visit their Dad, we'll get out of town again and see another city.


I am obsessed with Cauliflower. It's so tasty. I could have it fried and baked or in a soup every day forever.


I felt like I should say one more thing after talking about Thomas to make is seem all very nonchalant and I was overcome by the need to profess my love for Cauliflower.  Now looking backwards (just up there) Cauliflower seems stupid and silly but now I'll leave it. So there.

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Debbie said...

I'm so glad that you're happy. You deserve it. And I share your love of cauliflower.