Oct 20, 2015

It Could Get Grizzly

I have a really hard time not poking the bear. Especially when I'm right, even though I know the bear bites and has crazy huge teeth.  It's a life lesson that is hard to adhere to.  Sometimes it is important to stand up and fight and sometimes it doesn't really matter to anyone but me, but every time feels like the most important time to me. I lie awake at night obsessing about the perfect stick I could use for poking the bear and even wondering how small of a stick I can get away with before the bear notices me back there jabbing away.  Or what will the bear do if I accidentally drop the stick and it rolls down the hill and bounces off a rock flipping through the air landing pointy side down on it's butt?! I take specific delight in watching other people poke the same bear and then getting eaten, followed by congratulating myself for not picking up the trivial-stick at all.  What the hell?!

.poke a stick at a grizzly bear
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