Jul 12, 2012

A Gross Start

Should pole dancing become an Olympic sport? I'm trying to think about this rationally. The fact is pole dancing's origins are gross. The question really is, can we as a society move past the sexually charged connotation of this possible sport to allow it into the pantheon of artistic gymnastics. No, in this current climate and devaluation of women, we are not ready to act like mature adults and see almost anything women do without objectification. This begs the question; if it doesn't matter what women do because we will be objectified no matter what... so then why let society dictate? Why not toss perception out and do what is right and true? Traveling this path of thought I say, go for it women. In an effort to further the maturity of society as well as legitimize the sport, let me make a few suggestions though. Usually artistic gymnast are trained in more than one discipline, so to be taken seriously as an artistic gymnast, learn the uneven bars and pommel horse too. Trade in the standard high heels and sparkly bikini for hand chalk and a leotard with stripes down the side. Start calling it "artistic vertical bar" and be prepared for fifteen year old sprites to dominate.


arizona said...

So Jenny, truthfully now, is pole dancing something you would like to see Ella doing in a few years?

Jenny said...

Absolutely not. I don't like it, I don't know if people will ever move past it's origins. I don't think I can. However I was trying to approach it rationally and with an open mind.

I wouldn't even sign Ella up for Tap and Jazz because of the pageantry involved and when those outfits for ballet went too sparkly I quit paying for the classes.

Now, if Ella was a gymnast and already trained in pommel horse, balance beam, uneven bars and floor excersizes and suddenly they introduced a vertical pole portion... I'd have to give it consideration.

arizona said...

I like your answer to my question.
Thank you for your honesty.

I was in Rockford all last week visiting my family, it was very humid and I was glad to get back to AZ and the dry heat.....then today here in Mesa humidity shot up to 63% very high for the desert climate. Take care.

Jenny said...

Wow, that is a high humidity and we still have had zero rain here, this is some crazy weather we're having.