Jan 12, 2012


I've often wondered how long one must live a place before you feel like that's where you are from.  I've spent three Christmases in Texas and welcomed another child.  I have a library card, a voter registration and a drivers license that all say I'm a Texan. I rub my arms and make an effort to dig out socks when the temperature dips to only 65°. I like to let the ocean be my therapist, the briny water washing troubles from me with every visit. I use "ya'll".  I know that brisket is more than something you corn on St. Patrick's Day and I've tried five different kinds of tamales and seven different bread puddings. But today, I sat down at my computer with a coffee, saw a post from a place I used to work, and heard my first Midwestern accent.

Avoid Unnecessary Furnace Service Calls - Axberg Heating from
Axberg Heating on Vimeo.

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Liz said...

If I ever move out of the midwest I'm one of those that picks up the local accent within a week or two. In grade school people though I was from out of state, somehow I picked up some sort of Iowa accent since that is where my mother's side of the family is.
Via the video.. he does have a bit of an accent I cannot place it though. :p