Oct 27, 2011

Even When No One is Looking

It bothers me that during these protests everyone is filming things. The idea that we have to film for any story to be believed absolutely floors me. It is another way we are sapping the humanity from the world and handing it over to an impartial machine. This is scary because integrity and judgment is what makes us civilized. When we flatly legislate instead of using our best judgment, we create loopholes that allow a person to feel good beating The System, forgetting that the system is us. Laws represent the hopes we hold for society and a dollar represents a human's time and effort on the planet. Circumventing one to take the other isn't beating a system, it's beating people.

While it is easier and faster to present irrefutable video evidence, it makes me utterly sad we need it, like a giant global nanny cam. It is impossible to legislate everything, there is always a horrible way to exploit while staying within the law and always some place a camera is not. We have to put the value back into personal honor.  It's what every one of those signs at Occupy Wallstreet demand.

"I can't cover all the rules for how to treat your brother. They do include; no hitting, stop poking him when he cries, don't pull him around by his arm, don't put playdoh in his hair, help him get a drink and don't let him break his neck climbing the bookcases. But I can't think of all the things you and he haven't though of yet, so lets just say this; Even when I'm not looking, I expect you to use your best judgment and be nice to your brother." -  Everyone's Mom


Holly said...

All the videographers are just making it easier on the anthropologists of the future :)

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I always like looking at your drawings, didn't know you blogged too until I saw your link on Kiki's site.

Jenny said...

You should go by Wicked Funny! I added the new one to my blog roll (on the right) and look forward to following.

Glad you like the tiny drawings.

Yeah, I was Bombadee here long before roller derby came along. It's kept me sane, sort of.

Mike Lyons said...

I don't think the problem is nearly as much about that people need video to believe anything as it is that no one cares if they don't see it (and often not even then). Some cop beat up a protester? Most people don't care. If they see it and are shocked, they might. But, after they see it enough times, not even that will be shocking. It's a progression.

We're becoming numb.