Jun 2, 2011

Summer List 2011

Today is the first day of summer vacation and the ladies in the neighborhood keep asking me what summer camps we've signed up for. Perhaps I'm just a glutton for parenting or perhaps I can think of better ways to spend $250.00 in a week, but the answer is none. That's right, no summer camps, no summer tutoring, no summer programs. Instead we are making a list of 50 things we'll do this summer. Maybe you'd like to help...

So far on the list:
1. Visit Grandparents
2. Watch Astro's game
3. Get in the ocean
4. Slide at the water-park
5. Swim in the neighborhood pool
6. Tour a Cave
7. Bear Hunt
8. Play video games in PJs all day
9. Get new glasses
10. Picnic
11. Learn to ride a bike without training wheels
12. Hear music at a folk festival
13. Climb tree
14. Go to the library
15. Hula hoop
16. Jump rope
17. Make a very short movie
18. Learn a new magic trick
19. Children's museum
20. Eat something new
21. See a movie at the theater
22. Build blanket fort
23. Make a painting
24. Play outside with pals
25. Make a greeting card
26. Finish this list
27. Roller skate
28. Sing Happy Birthday to someone on their birthday
29. Teeter totter
30. Wish on a star
31. See fireworks
32. Sleepover

33. Read a book
34. Catch lightning bugs
35. Visit a state park
36. Make popsicles
37. Make and eat S'Mores


Anonymous said...

I vote for number #1 and s mores at the camp fire

Jenny said...

We added s'mores and it s agreed #1 really is the best on the list so far.

DD Hunter said...

read a book
catch lightning bugs
go to a rodeo
visit a state park
go to the zoo
make Popsicles

Jenny said...

Yay! Thank you! Zoo and rodeo we save for fall because of the heat ;)

DD Hunter said...

sleep outside, in a tent w/ friends.
fly a kite and try to catch a cloud.
play red rover
have a scavenger hunt.