Jan 4, 2011

Knots and Mashups

We're all moved in and mostly unpacked. The bigger space has me feeling less knotted up. The handyman is coming today to do small repairs. Tomorrow is the first day back to school.


Why is it impossible to make the back of my computer look nice? I sat down with zip ties last night and coiled up cords, yet is still look like Medusa is lurking in between my desk and my shelves.


Go here and listen to "Imagine a Jump", "Smells Like Rockin' Robin" and shake your groove thang to "Gimmie Gimmie". Or just download the whole thing for free!


Sunnie said...

You can get these accordion looking tubes to put your cables in. They sell them at Fry's and Altex which is close to your new digs.

pgorski@me.com said...

Miss you! If you're trying to keep up on the news in your old IL county, try: http://www.winnebagocountynews.org

Paul G