Dec 12, 2010

Texas Skies

When we drove into Texas in the moving truck I said "Everything really is bigger here." I was so inspired I started a series of paintings revolving around Texas Skies (I haven't finished the first one yet*.) Well, I'm not the only one who is in love with the skies around here, my pal over at I Still Hate Pickles is starting a wonderful project called Texas 365. She's posting 365 Texas Skies, and is asking for participants from wherever you are in the world. You just post a sky on Friday and link up & put a comment on her blog. Ok, ok as usual I'm late.

On the way to practice Saturday morning, taken with my phone.

*Promises to post the painting when it's done.

1 comment:

Kiki said...

Yay! I went ahead and added this link to my roundup post, so you'll have to go look at my blog. Now there is a tiny thumbnail of your photo, but it's not on the same post you left a comment on. I have too many sky posts. But the sky!!! It's amazing!

Um, and I want to see the paintings, please!!!

ps-the word ver word is "sundome." Fitting!