Oct 3, 2010

Fredrick's of Hollyween Store

I brought my six year old out to look for a tooth fairy costume. In essence it requires a white tutu a pair of wings and a wand. I figured we could get all these things in one package of Angel stuff and add some toothy things to it. She liked the idea of a bag with "Teeth" written on it but got very sad when I mentioned a set of bloody pliers on a tool belt. So, I took this child of extreme delicate sensibilities to The Halloween store next to the mall, where the percentage of items actually meant for children were almost nil. I drew a diagram


Mike Lyons said...

Yeah, I know you hate Walmart, but...it's not so bad there. Probably Target would do it, too. Halloween stores always suck anyway.

Art said...

Against my better judgement, I must admit I am a little curious to know exactly what a "sexy grim reaper" costume would look like (and whether or not it was manufactured in France).

Jenny said...

Oh Art, you can google "Sexy ___fill in the blank with anything___"
and come up with a costume for sale. Sexy Luigi, Sexy Nemo, Sexy Nun, Sexy Steely Dan.

Art said...

I did, and here it is:


That's hilarious. I totally thought you were bullshitting.