Sep 20, 2010

Teaching Common Sense?

Last November, a seven year old boy mistakenly brought a toy gun to school. His teacher went into his back pack and saw it. He was suspended for the rest of the school year. When his parents tried to send him back to school this year the school board says he may still be suspended.

Come on people! When will we stop hiding behind rules and use some reasoning? Do we really value bureaucracy over our own humanity? I am fed up with hearing people say "Sorry, that's our policy" in turn wasting time, money and any last shred of common sense this society has. Do we really all have such poor self esteem that we need to beat each other down while hiding behind regulatory red tape instead of showing wisdom and caring for each other?

Let's start calling each other out on this foolishness.

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The toy Samuel Burgos was suspended for pictured below

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