Dec 14, 2009

It's Alway Sunny

Remember when I was talking about giving men's rolls to women? I especially enjoyed this piece today over at BITCH - Sweet Dee Reynolds is a Gender Liberator by Ischmeiser. In comments I read

"In the bonus material in one of the seasons that is currently out on DVD, she talks about auditioning. She talks about not knowing at the time that they were having her read lines that were written for one of the male characters because they hadn't written anything for the female character yet. She convinced them that they needed to write her character like the male characters because that's what was funny about the show." Posted by jordanb

That's what I'm talking about! Why does there need to be special dialogue written for women. Movie makers should cast more women, not because it's written into the script, just because.

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Mike Lyons said...

I hate television and movies increasingly. I must be getting old. I don't think more female characters need to be cast "just because" but rather because people don't do anything worth putting on film because one morning they woke up and decided to do something worth putting on film. Rather, people do extraordinary things because they have extraordinary circumstances and the character to react extraordinarily. This makes for a good life, and would make for good viewing if anyone had the sense to write the thing.