Nov 29, 2015

Whim's Bakery and Grille

If I had a restaurant I'd make all the breads from scratch.  Pumpernickel and wheat, sour dough and honey, flax and oat, bleached white and brown sugared, then we'd slice them thick and make toasts topped with jellies, jams, and/or different nut butters, local honeys or marshmallows.  We'd also serve grilled cheeses with as many kinds of tasty cheese as you can think of with fresh avocados or tomatoes or apples and other neat fruits and vegetables.  We'd grill them up and odd combinations of them along side jellies and and at night we'd serve soup with the toasts or the grilled cheeses.  We'd have chicken soup, french onion and a very nice tomato locally sourced and from scratch.  You'd be able to order anything from just a slice of toast to a sampler plate of all the fun things. And that'd be pretty much it. That's the whole menu. Toast, Grilled Cheese, Soup.

Nov 23, 2015


Here's a list of things I like:

-instant coffee
-banana bread
-roller skating so fast I can barely breath
-vintage fairy tales
-warm socks that only go up just past my ankles soze I can wear them with skinny jeans
saying "soze"
-websites that don't make one click for each new number on their really incredible list of amazing things that will blow my mind to see (I never make it past three clicks)
-instagram (thanks Ajax!)
-tall brooding poets
-this song (always a sucker for clapping in a song)

Nov 19, 2015

Cool it Tax Man.

I have tax questions and scoured my brain for anyone I know that can come over and have a beer with me and answer hypothetical tax questions.  Like "What if I gave clothes that I embroidered to Goodwill? Do I deduct the price of the jeans or the price of the jeans plus the million dollars they are clearly worth after my bleeding fingers were done putting little kitty whiskers on the knees? " and "Am I supposed to pay taxes on tooth fairy money?" But seriously folks, I have questions.

Turns out all I know is artists, beatniks, movie directors and musicians. All my tax accountant friends moved to warmer saner climates (Hi Tracy!) So this also means most of my pals have some sort of show going on just about every weekend, we are almost always selling something on social media as well as trying to oh so subtly yell "LOOK AT THIS STUFF I DO! NOW GIVE ME SOME MONEY!" Some of us have a hard time reconciling what we do, with getting paid. It's never enough, but also it's too much! On any given day my emotions about my work swing from "I'd do this stuff anyway.  Here, I just want you to have it." all the way to "I am amazing and I should be getting paid a bazillion dollars for this shiz! Who wants to represent me?!" Which illustrates how bad we are with financials.

I'm making an appointment at a square office today.  I'm going to pay someone to answer my questions about sparkly beatnik money. I wonder if they'll let me pay with art?

Nov 11, 2015

November Thunder & Fatt Cats

It's unusually warm this November.  I'm told because of El Nino.  We're under a tornado watch and there's distant thunder happening right now as the 60mph gusts and the thunder storm we know are coming blow in.  It's unsettling.  I'm talking about the weather because everything else seems so 'regular' that I don't have much to say. But now that I sat still and looked off into the lower left distance for a minute, I remembered that I wanted to say something about the lovely chicken salad sandwich I had at the Fatt Cat Cafe Rockton, IL yesterday.  It was on a very buttery croissant roll and it had fruit in it.  I ate the entire thing and the whole cup of soup they brought with it. I wanted to eat more, they have desserts and that was the whole reason I went, but there just wasn't room.   They had a bread pudding.  I swore I'd come back later in the week for coffee and bread pudding.

Nov 10, 2015

Frosty Grass

Toast is what gets me out of bed in the mornings and trying to quit toast was a total mistake.  I'm sorry toast.


Being in love makes every song about you.


If RuPaul can make this person look like that, then none of us should worry about how pretty we are on the outside again - work on the insides.


Here's a thing I made recently that I like...

Here's some more things I made on Instagram

Nov 4, 2015


In America there are 112.6 guns per 100 people.

At 11:30am today, someone was shot on middle school grounds in my city.  The injured kid was then pulled into the school and a lock down ensued.  My kindergartner has practiced a hard lock-down more times than a tornado drill. I remember three kids from my own childhood had gun 'accidents', more than anyone hurt playing with matches, talking to strangers, or experimenting with drugs.